Challenge accepted 2021 – File 1412021

I'm going to be straightforward with this. A few days ago I promised the love of my life I was going to fuck 2021 right up the ass. Now, it seems the year wants to fuck me right from the start. This is not actually what I had planned for the first entry of the … Sigue leyendo Challenge accepted 2021 – File 1412021

Changes, changes, so many changes.

Por@MíaRevello "When the time is right you'll know" When The Time is Right -Warmer Ah, October has just started and the changes have already exploded all around me. Not bad changes, but... rather stressful. The good thing about this is… ideas. Yep, ideas. Changes and life experiences, as stressful as they might be, they trigger … Sigue leyendo Changes, changes, so many changes.


Por@MíaRevello Pesadillas... compañeras no queridas de los lares oníricos. Verdades inciertas, hechos falsos que llegan a hacerte daño. Mareas de emociones negras que podemos controlar y que no. Viajamos a lo más profundo de la mentalidad humana, aquel lugar en el que no nos atreveríamos a ir en la vida cotidiana. ¿Qué vemos allí? Espectros … Sigue leyendo Untilted